How to Barter for Survival - Living Ready Online Course

By Jim Cobb

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Bartering skills are used every day by everyday people. From online classifieds websites and garage sales to buying cars and finding help with projects, bartering is used far more often than many may think. But when disaster strikes, knowing how to barter becomes a life-and-death matter.

That's why Living Ready asked preparedness expert Jim Cobb to explain how to barter for survival. In this Online Course, he reviews the items and skills you'll need to make it out of a pinch.

How to Barter: What You'll Learn

This Online Course on how to barter is perfect for anyone...

  • Looking for information on items to stock for bartering
  • Concerned about finding necessities during short- or long-term disasters
  • Seeking guidance on skills that can be used for bartering
  • Needing advice on how to negotiate in stressful situations
  • Wanting to develop techniques on how to barter in everyday transactions

How to Barter: Topics Covered

  • Why it's worth learning how to barter
  • The two types of bartering
  • The three golden rules of bartering
  • Items to stock now to barter with later
  • Skills to learn now to help you barter - and how to take classes on them for free from reputable colleges
  • The best - and safest - places to make the trade
  • Why you shouldn't barter with ammunition
  • Much, much more

How to Barter: What You Get

This Online Course includes a video/audio presentation (PC, Mac and mp3 versions) and an article from Living Ready magazine on the items that disappear first from store shelves prior to a disaster.

Bonus: Also includes a list of the 50 things that disappear first from store shelves prior to a disaster.

How to Barter: About Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb is the author of Prepper's Home Defense, the operator of and a contributor to Living Ready.

Note: A high-speed Internet connection is recommended to download this Online Course.

SKU U9782
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