Smokey's Pre-Orbital Gland Lure

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Recent research proves that the licking branch is the No. 1 key to success when hunting a mock scrape. Furthermore, the key to that licking branch is preorbital scent. Bucks secrete this scent as a means of distinctly identifying themselves from the "competition." In layman's terms, it allows deer to understand their rank in the pecking order.

What many hunters don't realize is that bucks keep tabs on one another by using licking branches, and they do it year round. Why? Before bucks ever scrape the leaves away under a licking branch, before they ever deposit urine on the bare earth, and long before the does come into estrus, the bucks are watching, testing, and paying close attention to one another by depositing scent from their pre-orbital gland to licking branches. Bucks regularly visit licking branches and become aware when a new rival shows up — the licking branch has the scent of a guy they don't know.

For the first time ever, preorbital lure is available to the general public and now can be yours!

Each bottle contains matching glands from individual bucks and comes in a 1.25oz bottle.

The ingredients of Smokey’s gland lures are proprietary, but are extracted from the pre-orbital, tarsal interdigital, and forehead glands taken from harvested deer, and processed to enhance and retain the properties of the scent . This is the only lure on the market that has a patent pending on its process. Smokey only uses glass bottles, because plastic tends to leach out the scent and degrade over time. Diluting shortens the shelf-life of the scent, and all of Smokey’s gland lures will only get better with age – they will not lose their potency, and will be as fresh as the day they were bottled. Store in a cool and dark area, and out of direct sunlight.

Use the following 5 tips to assist your use of Smokey's Pre Orbital Gland Lure:

1. Travel corridor: Find a licking branch in a travel corridor bucks use. Base the location on past observation, old rubs and natural funnels. You can use a licking branch that was used last year, establish a new one or make your own by tying a new branch about five feet off the ground.

2. Licking branch: Before touching anything in the area, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Select a sturdy but flexible branch. My experience is that limbs from maple, white oak, ash, beech or poplar produce better results than pine and black cherry. Notice the species deer in your area use. Don't use a dead or fragile limb.

3. Application: Mash the tip of the licking branch with a pair of clean pliers. This allows the branch to hold the lure, and exposes the lure to more surfaces so that air currents can pick it up better. Dip the tip of the branch in a bottle of pre-orbital gland lure. Use just a tiny amount.

4. Camera: Set your camera so that it's not looking into the sun and leave the area without crossing any primary trails.

5. Checking camera: Since this is a low-impact scouting method, don't check your camera any more frequently than once every week to 10 days. Even if it rains, traces of the lure will stay on the licking branch.


SKU V6534

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